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Success Story: Madyson Comstock

Clio Community High School student picks up the pace to graduate early and head for nursing school



If you think all alternative education programs are created equal, then you don’t know much about Clio Community High School.

Just ask Madyson Comstock, who graduated from Clio Community High School before Thanksgiving at only 16 years of age. She now has her sights set on college and a career as a nurse.


Madyson attended traditional high school during her freshman year and was even on the tennis team there. However, she said from an early age she knew she wanted to be a nurse and felt like the traditional high school classroom was holding her back, at least time wise.


With the blessing of her parents, April and Chris Stanley, Madyson began attending Clio Community High School where she was free to work at her own pace – and work she did. At one point she completed 16 classes in four weeks.


"I like this better than just sitting in a classroom," Madyson said, adding there are fewer distractions and less messing around at Clio Community High School.


Madyson, who would be in the first semester of her junior year back at her former high school, is instead ready to start attending college and earning that nurses degree. She leaves Clio Community High with a diploma and a GPA of 3.15.


"We couldn’t be more proud," declared her parents.


And, Madyson seems rightly proud of her own accomplishments, declaring, "I’m very successful and I’m only 16 years old."

In addition to attending Clio Community High School, Madyson also works weekends at Skateland Arena and volunteers in the labor and delivery department at Hurley Medical Center.


Also proud of what Madyson has been able to do at his school, Clio Community High School Director John Roark stressed that what she accomplished is not typical and that the community high school is not for everybody.


Moreover, before students are accepted into Clio Community High School or any of its programs, an assessment is first completed to see if the prospective student may excel and/or succeed in the non-traditional setting.


But, for Madyson, the answer has been a rousing, "Yes!"