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WAY Clio provides customized project-based path to diploma for non-traditional students


WAY Clio provides customized project-based path to diploma for non-traditional students


Want to earn that high school diploma, but just can’t seem to excel in a traditional high school setting and think there is no way to reach your goals on your terms? Think again.

There is a way – WAY Clio, that is.

WAY (Widening Advancements for Youth) Clio is a new and unique project-based high school for students who have untapped potential and aspire for more. WAY Clio is a free public school academy now registering grades 9-12, just as many other so-called academies and/or alternative high schools claim to be. But, WAY Clio is different in number of ways which combine to provide you with a customized learning experience based on your specific needs and interests.

First and foremost, at WAY Clio students are encouraged to “think outside of the classroom.” Although they will spend up to half of their time in a classroom setting, they will also spend at least half of their time learning online at home. Moreover, technology will be provided both at school and at home.

Unlike other programs, WAY Clio doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach with every student following the same path, using the same text book, memorizing the same information, answering the same questions. Instead, WAY Clio utilizes project-based learning where students learn multiple subjects in the process of completing projects they select in their area(s) of interest.

Flexible scheduling is also a key component of WAY Clio with one-on-one mentoring and highly qualified staff available for students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WAY Clio is also fully accredited by AdvancED. When students graduate, they don’t get a diploma from some online academy based somewhere in the cloud. They received a recognized and well-respected diploma from Clio Area Schools.

“WAY Clio is a tremendous opportunity for those students who want to excel and succeed in their careers and in life, but who are just not cut out to follow the traditional high school path,” noted WAY Clio Director John Roark.

“We conduct home visits, assign a staff member to each student as a mentor, maintain a highly-qualified staff available to students 24 hours a day every day, and provide technology here at school as well as at home. This is all to ensure success and a high school diploma,” Roark explained, adding that upwards of 90 percent of WAY students go on to college.

Yet, Roark also knows WAY Clio is not for all students, but rather for those with a desire to succeed and with interests in areas and subjects around which a customized project-based learning plan can be developed just for them.

Roark invites those interested to call (810) 591-4804 to set up an appointment. You can also reach Roark at